Seven-minute music video by a bunch of amateurs..? only the intelligent, successful and galactically attractive will watch to the end. Still in Coronavirus hell, Cushy Number cover Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd. Will we ever be together again!?
Are you an ASS? (Asymptomatic Super Spreader) We might be.. until tested, the Cushy Number tribe have locked themselves away, observing social distancing - which of course is not new to them as audiences have been social distancing from Cushy Number for quite some time now… We know who you are!! Anyway.. stay at home, be a couch hero, watch these important messages..
Killing COVID: Trump thinks “bringing the light inside the body..” , Cushy Number thinks "bringing the funk inside the cranium" - who do you believe?

WARNING: This video does not contain any silly Rap section in the middle, or any talentless auto tuned wet head with face tattoos throwing gang signs at the camera while a pimped out 1982 Mercedes 300D bounces on a hydraulic lift kit to the beat from a Casio keyboard..sorry about that.
“Shut up..”
“NO, you Shut up” snapped the Bass Guitar Holder, “the Bratwurst on the far left is MINE, I said I wanted the crispy one right from the start!!”
“Eh.. can we do some music, maybe sometime today” said a short tempered Guitar Holder
“I didn’t get all dressed down for nothin you know..”

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